Hector Kilgore

Hadlow x Hartley Stack - Black


The Hadlow x Hartley stack is a combination of a couple of our favourite pieces. The Hadlow and Hartley products complement each other's style so well, that we know you will love wearing them together, as a stack.

What's my size?

Please note: Our Hadlow beaded bracelets are a 'one size fits all' (18 cm). When selecting your size for your stack, please base your measurement on the Hartley Leather Wrap sizing. Customers with a larger wrist circumference (XL: 21cm) will still be able to fit the Hadlow beads (with a tighter fit), thanks to the elastic make.

Wrap a normal tape measure or a strip of paper around your wrist, below your wrist bone, where you would normally wear a bracelet. 

If you're using a strip of paper, you can mark the overlap with a pen and measure the length with a metric ruler (cm) on a flat surface. Measure the circumference of your wrist and select a size that matches your wrist measurement closest. Consider if you would like a tight, normal or loose fit.

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