Hector Kilgore

Hartley Leather Wrap - Black

Color: Black

The Hartley Leather Wrap is designed for durability and timeless style. Your Hartley is the perfect accessory to dress up or pair with any occasion for your weekend. Crafted from 100% genuine braided leather, featuring a stainless steel clasp and accents, this triple-wrap piece, will age gracefully and moulds perfectly to the shape of your wrist over time. 

  • 100% Genuine Braided Leather 
  • Stainless Steel Clasp & accents
  • Various sizes available

Did you know? The Hartley Leather Wrap couples perfectly with our Hadlow Beaded Bracelets. Combine this style - Hadlow x Hartley Stack.

What's my size?

Wrap a normal tape measure or a strip of paper around your wrist, below your wrist bone, where you would normally wear a bracelet. 

If you're using a strip of paper, you can mark the overlap with a pen and measure the length with a metric ruler (cm) on a flat surface. Measure the circumference of your wrist and select a size that matches your wrist measurement closest. Consider if you would like a tight, normal or loose fit.

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